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Detail of Right Side Vest with Southwestern Designs Detail of Left Side

These 7.25 oz. denim vests look great in a casual setting. Use them to advertise either your business enterprise or your hobbies. Either way, you'll look great and have a great time. Although we specialize in goat "goodies", ask about our other designs - e.g., cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, chickens, dogs, cats, etc.

Colors: Blue; Khaki; White; Spruce; Rhubarb.

Prices: Prices include the item, the design of your choice (color-coded), and up to 10 letters (plus spaces). Extra letters are 0.25 each. XX-large, add $1. All taxes are included, but shipping is extra.

Green = $30.30
Blue = $33.80
Yellow = $36.50
Red = $42.30

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