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Foxwood Popovi Da

Side View Rear View Po remains our junior herdsire for the 2000 crop of kids, as his kids from last year were real knockouts. Po was bred by Paul Fox by crossing his champion Honey Bear Pansy (see below) with a son of his champion Cadillac Piejar daughter, McCayla. Pansy is a daughter of our Paisley and Flora Farm Mentor, the sire of Meringue. Our kids will be heavily linebred on these two outstanding animals, so you can understand our excited anticipation of the Y2K kid crop of Po's. As you can see from these pictures of Po - he is very wide, deep, and level. He not only has great strength of pedigree, he is good-looking in his own right. This buckling comes from a long line of outstanding mammaries, and will be bred to does from long lines of outstandong mammaries. Order your kids now, and get your choice from the 2000 crop.

Sire's Sire:Kismet Marvin's Smooth Operator
Sire:Foxwood Cisco
Sire's Dam:CH Briarknoll Piejar's McCayla

Dam's Sire:Flora Farm Mentor
Dam:Honey Bear Mentor's Pansy
Dam's Dam:Honey Bear Hagen's Paisley

Dam of Po

Pansy at 2 Years of Age Rear View of Pansy

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