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Udder Side View Udder Rear View Puabi is a typical Merlin daughter. She is tall and wide and very correct. Her mother, Paisley, has a lovely mammary, as does Merlin's (her sire) dam, Meringue. Deja Vu, her full sister from the year before, freshened with a BEAUTIFUL mammary, and Puabi is following in her illustrious sister's milkpail.

Sire's Sire:Honey Bear Joker
Sire:Alchemy Acres Merlin
Sire's Dam:Honey Bear Mentor's Meringue

Dam's Sire:*B Flora Farm Hagan
Dam:Honey Bear Hagan's Paisley
Dam's Dam:Muirhill Mosby's Striper


Puabi's Doe Kid

Puabi was again bred to Dauntless, and delivered another of the beautiful doelings that she's given us the past two years. This doe kid was purchased by Andrea Brown of Plainfield, New Hampshire. Puabi's two bucklings from this season were purchased by Grady Russle of Clinton, Tennessee. Many thanks to you both. We have, however, decided to take a year's hiatus from the rigors of raising kids, and we will NOT be breeding Puabi this coming year.

Ashura - Daughter of Puabi

Side View - AshuraAshura - Rear ViewAshura - Fore UdderAshura - Rear View

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