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Alchemy Acres Deja Vu

Side View of UdderRear View of UdderSide View of Udder

What else could I want?? Here is a daughter of the great Paisley by a son of the beautious Meringue. Here I have great size as well as magnificent mammaries. And to top it all off, Deja Vu is the image of her paternal granddam, Meringue, whom I loved so much. Vu is truly my gift from the Almighty! As you can see, Vu possesses a lovely udder.

Sire's Sire:Honey Bear Joker
Sire:Alchemy Acres Merlin
Sire's Dam:Honey Bear Mentor's Meringue

Dam's Sire:*B Flora Farm Hagen
Dam:CH Honey Bear Hagen's Paisley
Dam's Dam:Muirhill Mosby's Striper *M


Side View of Deja's Doe Kid - RahgadRahgad - Deja's Doe Kid

Deja was bred last Fall to Dauntless, in hopes of getting the same beautifully conformed kids this pair produced last year. They did not disappoint. Deja's doe kid is a knockout. Mary Ann Skalany, of Monticello, Florida, did not move after all, and has since snagged her baby as she had originally planned.

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